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The Allocation screen has been refreshed with a new design & released for web dashboard v2.0 users. With this release, lead allocation has a new wizard UI which enables Lead allocation in 3 clicks the UI now surfaces lead location, agent location, agent route & agent schedule for the day.
The following release note summarizes the features & behaviour of the allocation screen.

Lead tab

Lead list is sorted in ascending order of lead creation date time; if a lead has no date/time it will show up on top. The (i) button has a tooltip displaying more information. The x button is configurable and by default enables leads to be dropped. It is possible to hide the x button as well as replace with a “>” menu if there is more than one action possible on a lead. Which columns are displayed in the Lead view is configurable on a per client basis. The bottom white panel displays a count of total leads displayed in the view.

User needs to hover on a Lead to see location of the lead, note that the lead location is displayed after a delay of 200ms to prevent backend & Google query overload in case the user is just moving the mouse (rapid-fire hover events)! This delay is configurable and has been introduced considering a good user experience.

In a future version, selecting multiple leads for bulk agent allocation will be supported.

Agent tab

Agent list displayed agent name, conversion rate, backlog & distance from lead, these fields are configurable on a per client basis. The list is sorted as follows, configurable on a per-client basis:

  1. Descending order of conversion rate
  2. Ascending order of backlog
  3. Ascending order of distance

Like Lead location, Agent location is displayed after a 200ms delay accommodating rapid-fire hover events.

Agent distance from lead is measured aerially i.e. as the crow flies and does not factor in the actual route that will connect the agent & the lead. The last known location of the agent is used to determine the distance.

In a future version, this will be enhanced to handle the following scenarios:

  1. Allocation at start of day when agent location is known: Distance is computed from agent home/start location. For start of day & future day scenarios agent might have an empty calendar so cannot rely on agent last known location. And since not all customers mandate agent to record home location, this will include support for start location as agent office/branch.
  2. Allocation at start of day when agent location is unknown: If agent start location is not available distance will not be computed (N/A)
  3. Allocation during the day (intra-day): Agent last location & last seen time will be available mostly. If last seen time is outside a client-configured threshold, agent will be marked as unavailable for allocation. Within the threshold, agent’s last known calendar & location will be used to rank agent. Distance will be computed basis lead location and agent location i.e. agent closest to 1pm meeting location ranks higher

Also, planned for future versions are the following enhancements:

  • Agent recommendation highlights basis existing sort criteria; recommendation is limited to 3 agents
  • Enabling agent comparison, up to 5 agents at once, where the user can compare agent locations & route plans when allocating the lead

Schedule tab

System will auto insert the select lead on the agent’s calendar into the first available slot. The system selected slot is highlighted in pink, which the user can drag-drop and resize; conflicting appointments are permitted by Vymo. There is no plan to prevent conflicts, it is assumed the user knows what they’re doing. User can navigate to another day using the next/previous buttons in the Calendar control. Note that allocation is not possible for past dates & time.

Defaults, can be changed on per-client basis.:

  • Business hours is considered 8am to 8pm
  • Business days is set to all 7 days of the week for agents
  • Default meeting duration is 30 minutes

When user clicks the Allocate button, a “Successfully allocated” confirmation message is displayed momentarily after which user is auto-navigated back to the Select Lead tab.

Search & Filter

Standard Vymo filter is available in the top right corner with client-configured fields. The following changes are planned for a future version:

  • Move the search & filter from the default place (top right of page) to the Allocation panel as a hang-off (refer UX design for details)
  • Fields for Search, Sort & additional filters are configurable on a per client basis – just like the standard filter

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