Tracking Business trend for Partners & Customers

‘Business trend line’ in-app is a visual representation of the Business card data for partners. Partner business parameters involve setting a target for individual partners and track the completion status of the same, using ‘Generated’ information.Business targets and achievement data act as decision variables when it comes to scheduling activity/engagement with the partner.
Partner Business Card and Trendline 

  • Partners are business entities, who bring in more revenue for you. So setting a clear target for partner and being on top of that is the primary value-add of any partner module and Vymo aims to achieve this with business target of PRM module.
  • The user should be able to check the actual business generated by the partner to validate the contribution of the partner. This has three parameters – the number, the unit and the time period associated.Parameters involved in partner business target could be numerous, few of them are supported out of the box, like monthly target/generated for Leads, revenue. Rest will be as configured by the client. You can set a target on any parameter which is already associated with that partner.
  • Both generated data can be computed internally from Vymo activities or uploaded through bulk upload or fetched from external APIs – Currently, we only support achievement data upload through web dashboard. 
  • User should be able to see the historical business target vs generated(Business trend)  from the partner. This is useful in knowing how the partner performance has been historically performing and can be used by the rep to have a meaningful conversation with the partner (“Your leads generated have gone by 50% in the last 5 months. What happened?)
  • Trendline data is supported for any number of data points but we recommend not to surface more than twelve data points (12 months in case of YTD)

Restrictions as of current release

  • Target data can only be updated with partner add form. No bulk upload or external API support for Target data at present.
  • Achievement data can be displayed for a predetermined frequency (like monthly, quarterly)

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