Targeted interventions to drive higher adoption

Like any other enterprise scenario, when it comes to adoption, Vymo system-generated interventions play a big role in educating and engaging the end user. Now when it comes to reaching out to end user you have to be extremely targeted to send customized interventions. For example, if you know a set of users are not updating a particular activity you can enable them with a quick note mentioning how to report an Activity.
So what has changed with this release?

Vymo already had the option to send targeted notification as mentioned in this release note. With this release, we are making the process more user-friendly and easier to navigate. Following are the experience changes with this release.

  • Admin now has an option to filter the list with already configured filters (for example Users, reporting manager or any custom user attribute) and send the notification to those filtered users.
  • You can now do a quick search on the list and select/deselect users to further fine-tune your targeted audience and send notification of your choice.

Primarily we classify notifications in following types

  • Show notification: Used for day to day generic interventions
  • App Update: To notify about new app releases
  • Show Browser content: To redirect user to specified link

Select the users to send the notification

App Update

Compose the notification & pick the notification type

Update notification

Update notification in app


Show Notification

Show notification

Simple show notification

Show Browser content

Show browser content on notification open

Notification display, tap notification to open browser

Browser content rendered when notification is opened


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