Suggested Meeting

“Suggested meeting” feature aims to come up with contextual meeting suggestions for the end-user(sales representative). It’s one of the key features to drive end-user productivity by recommending relevant meetings.
How does it work?

The feature takes into account multiple factors i.e daily route/calendar, travel time, assigned leads, lead status to come up with relevant meetings which could be accommodated in today’s calendar. More details for the same could be found below.

  • Average meeting duration and time to travel(for a meeting) are two key parameters to show suggested meeting (We use Google API to calculate distance between two points)
  • Suggestions will be shown in a particular timeframe of the day ( Work hours- Start day to End of the day). This part will be client configurable. Currently, we have configured it to be 10 am -7 pm.
  • We put a buffer time of 1 hour in case of meeting without any location on both sides of the meeting time 
  • Acceptance of any meeting will open the update form with prefilled date time duration and accepted meeting will be by default part of the updated route map for the date
  • Leads allocated to a rep, are the ones considered for suggested meeting.
  • We will show maximum 2 suggestions each day for every rep.
  • If there are are two meetings without location then there will be no suggestion in between them
  • We will work towards learning the agent behavior, hence we capture the reason why some user dismissed the suggestion. Following are the three things we ask end users if they dismiss any of the suggestions
      • Timing is inconvenient
      • Route is inconvenient
      • Customer is not available  


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