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Vymo is a mobility solution. We aim to capture all micro-interactions that  field sales teams do on a daily basis. Much of this automated so there is minimal data entry required; minimal however isn’t zero … yet!
So we still have  dependencies on the end user to update activity & engagement information. We understand that field sales people are super busy and for any salesperson, it is a tedious task to update information on-the-go for all their daily activities. We want to make this data entry process as seamless & simple as possible, without any loss of data fidelity.

With today’s release we are launching new improvements to input fields that we know will enhance the user experience. Here is a quick list of everything that we’ve done:

Auto Capitalization

Vymo now auto capitalizes the name fields, so first, middle and surname fields will be cased correctly. Some of us have an OCD when it comes to having names completely in lower case or upper case 🙂

Floating Action buttons

The form action buttons – Add & Cancel in this example – are now floating buttons. Users now don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the form to see the action button. Why is this useful? If a form as errors, the user today has to fix the error and scroll to the bottom of the form to submit. No more – with this change, user fix the error and quickly submit the corrections.

Contextualized keypad navigation

For phone number fields, the numeric keypad layout is auto selected.

Similarly for email fields, an email layout is selected and so on. Contextual upper case and smaller case based on the type of the input field.

Focus on the Errors

In case of validation errors, the form now auto scrolls to highlight on the erroneous field(s). And in case of multiple validation errors, focus shifts from one error field to next with the floating action button to quickly submit the form.

Introducing multiline input field

For address/remarks, the current one-liner input field which allows the user to enter unwrapped texts (with a left to right navigation) will be replaced with the multiline wrapped text field.

Multiline text field


We hope you appreciate & enjoy these changes. As always drop us a note on with your feedback & comments.

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