Photo & Location support in Web dashboard

Vymo now supports the ability to attach photos & location to a Lead using the Web dashboard. Previously, these two fields could be attached to a Lead only via the Vymo mobile app. In case of exigencies or when the cellular network is down, users can switch to the Web dashboard to continue with lead add, edits & updates, with no loss of productivity.
Web dashboard will now render all the photo & location fields for the Lead as per the client configuration.

  • Photos uploaded via the Add Lead form will be available as links which the user can click to see the photo.
  • Location input fields will be displayed as a text field with a Map icon. User can click the Map icon to pick the Lead location. Vymo will convert the location pin into an Address and store that as the Lead Location.

Both Photo & Location field also support the Edit experience in the Web dashboard.

Lead Photo handling

Click any Photo field to upload an image file from your device into that field. Missing mandatory image fields are required before lead is saved.

All Photos associated with the Lead are shown as hyperlinks, which the user can click on to view the document proof

Lead Location handling

Select Lead location in the Add New Lead screen

Pick lead location on a Map

View / Edit Lead location in Web dashboard. Click the Location hyperlink to see the lead location on a Map and click Edit to change the Lead location again.


Note that if the customer is using Location tagging feature in the mobile App, those tagged locations will not be available in the Web dashboard yet. This is planned for a future release.

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