Offline Functionality

Offline Syncing allows Agents to use Vymo offline without any network connectivity. This is a critical feature not just in rural use but even in congested urban metropolitan areas. In addition, this enables improved responsiveness for the agent during transient network conditions.


Offline enables users with following functionalities

  • Add/Edit/update lead/activity while offline
  • Automatically sync the pending events in the background once network got detected, without user interaction.
  • Leads updated/edited offline will reflect changes even before the lead is synced.
  • Periodically sync data from the server to update leads/backlogs/calendar data in the background.
  • Automatically fetch leads details and display while offline even before explicitly visiting the same lead 
  • Sync server side modification seamlessly by push/pull methodologies (when a user goes to offline his app will automatically have latest updated lead information without any user interaction, without any latency)
  • Offline syncing support first 50 records of lead lists (with details)
  • Multiple leads could be added but only one update and one edit(for a lead)  is allowed in offline
  • Offline feature is currently available only for Android version
  • There is no cap on the volume of data stored offline but we impose an upper limit on maximum number of days old data that could be synced. The limit is set at 7 days currently.

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