License count & User limit enforcement

Vymo now supports license limit enforcement on a per-customer basis. When a new client is on-boarded the default configuration includes licensed user count and an “overage” configuration.
Note that Vymo is licensed on an enabled user count, users that are disabled (deactivated) are not counted towards the license limit, even though there might be historical data of those users actively stored & reported in Vymo. The current status of the user, active/inactive, is not considered for counting licenses.

Customers who have overage configuration set to No, will be unable to create any users via web dashboard and bulk-import once they have reached the licensed user count. The following screenshots show the user-add experience:

User Addition disabled in Web dashboard 

Bulk import of users disabled in Web dashboard 

There is an exceptional scenario for clients that are already over their licensed user limit, these clients they will be immediately prevented from creating any further users. For instance, if a Customer is licensed for 3700 users and is already at 4000- users, they will be unable to add any users until they deactivate users and reach below the 3700 users threshold. There is no way to circumvent this limit without purchasing additional licenses.

Customers who have overage configuration set to Yes, additional users can continue to be created. When these users are created via the Web dashboard, there will be a prominent warning shown on the “Add User” screen indicating that this user will be billed as overage in the monthly billing cycle. No messages will be displayed in the bulk upload process. The following screenshot shows the user-add experience:

Overage notification when adding users 

Overage notification when bulk importing users 

In addition, a monthly scheduled email will be sent to all clients, informing them of the licensed & registered user count.

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