Launch of location Service and revamped lead add/edit/details page

Location Service

As a part of LMS revamp we are launching location service. Location data fuels majority of Vymo’s intelligence, hence we build a dedicated location service which accurately picks, stores locations for future use. Location service enables the following enhancements:

  • Every lead, partner, activity can have one or multiple locations tagged to it; moving from current implementation where by meeting location is stored as default lead/partner/activity location
  • Search location by typing relevant keywords to pick accurate location, as compared to only location marker 
  • Option to tag locations based on context (Home, Office or others)
  • While scheduling meeting leverage already saved locations with tags
  • Edit/delete/manage all saved locations from one place

Grouping of input fields

Also, we are introducing a concept of “Grouping of input fields” in lead add/edit/details page.

What does grouping mean for end-user?

In place existing fields in no order, user will see the fields grouped by type (i.e. some add/edit lead fields will be categorized into three major groups Location, Contact Info and Meetings).

This serves following purposes for external and internal stakeholders

  • Categorizing information of a long form is key when it comes to usability and help user to navigate to right field  
  • In case of addition of new field, grouping can guide for best fit location in the form
  • Grouping will also help in data standardization and reporting of the same

UI/UX Revamp

*For UI/UX changes please find below a visual presentation for faster internalization.

  • Also as part of UI revamps on lead details screen we are adding three basic cards Basic Info, Meeting and Location. In case there are fields other than generic info (doesn’t fall under scope of mentioned cards) then those will be clubbed under “Others” card.
  • Along with existing functionality to call the lead directly from details, we are also adding options to send a message (if the number available) and an email (if the email-id available) and navigate (if case of lead location available).

Please find below comparative study of Old Vs New Experience

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