Introducing Follow-Up Tasks and Role based Tasks

Follow-up Tasks

There have been multiple asks to enable “Follow-up tasks” as standard task offering. Follow-up Activities are defined as tasks/pre-defined events which need to be scheduled(as per the business requirement) on closure/update of the main activity. So this will cut down the effort needed to schedule another additional event(Follow-up tasks) which will be supported as part of the main activity.  Follow up tasks will surface as regular calendar item of that particular user. 

Experience of Outcome and Follow up task setup

Outcome and Follow up have two different sections(while completing/updating) indicating the difference in interaction between two sections.

The user will have the option to opt for a follow-up activity while completing the update form.

On completion of the activity, a follow-up task will be created on specified date and time on user’s calendar.


Follow-Up Meeting Flow


Activity Update Form



Role-based task

Tasks can be configured based on the role of a user. Ex: Senior Manager can have permission to schedule certain tasks which are not accessible by junior Manager. So with the release, there will be out of the box support to configure activities restricted to certain roles.



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