Improving the Calendar Experience

Calendar is the productivity driver for the salesperson. Sales people plan their day and follow the calendar to keep a track of tasks in different completion states (completed but not updated or pending update). While interacting with Vymo users we received feedback to make the Calendar experience more intuitive and impactful. And we are excited to share some  experience updates to make it even more seamless for end users.

Planned Count

Clicking the Planned count on the Home screen will show the entire list of tasks Planned for the day. Based on the time of day, Planned events could be of different types and each will be displayed; as opposed to the previous implementation where we only showed Pending events for the day.

Planned events can be of the following types:

  • Pending events – Events planned for the day and as per the current time of the day are yet to happen. These are upcoming events. In the previous implementation
  • Completed events– Events planned for the day and the user has updated the status to ‘Completed’
  • Backlog events – Events planned for the day and should have been completed before the current time and the user hasn’t updated the status to ‘Completed’.

With this implementation, the planned count will always match the number of events displayed in the Calendar. 

UI changes

Planned Events Navigation

One question that arises is how to differentiate between the various kinds of Planned events?

We have used special markers to differentiate, as depicted in the above image:

  • Green markers signify a Completed event
  • Red marker identifies a Backlog events
  • Events without markers are pending

Completed count

Clicking the Completed count navigates to the Calendar screen which displays only the Completed events. Previously Completed count used to take the user to the same calendar view with pending events and no completed events on it, which was rather confusing.

The Completed count will always match the number of completed events displayed on click of it.  

Accessing past events 

With this implementation, we allow user to check events scheduled on past dates. Now, all past events could be of type Completed or Backlog. Previously we restricted the user from checking past events in the calendar view, which wasn’t super helpful.

Also, with this release, backlogs from the current day go into the Cumulative backlog list once the day is over. We wanted to give our users a fair chance to update ‘Today’s past event’ before we putting them in cumulative backlog list.

Hope you enjoy this new Calendar experience and tell us how you are liking it.

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