Improvements to Location History view of Geo Dashboard

We’ve overhauled the Location history view in the Geo dashboard. The older implementation assumed a straight line of travel between points, which we know is unrealistic, so we now smoothen the route. The smoothened route is based on location data provided by the Vymo app & is also aesthetically pleasant.
Here is everything we changed as part of this update:

  • Route travelled by team member will be smoothed instead of drawing straight lines (real route vs as-the-bird-flies route)
  • For each week day, the route map will be depicted in a different colour to easily distinguish day-wise route plans. For e.g. all the routes taken by user on Monday will be drawn in Pink, all the routes taken by user on Tuesday will be drawn in Magenta and so on
  • Starting location of the day and ending location of the day will be marked as S and E
  • Activities conducted by user will be numbered based on the time of the activity
  • Tooltip on hover will include User name, Activity name, Date/Timestamp.
  • Removed Activities marker of the subordinates so the view only shows the route travelled by the selected user
  • Moved date filter from Advanced search to the geo dashboard page itself for easier access


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