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At Vymo we strive to capture all micro interactions of the on-field salesperson and to achieve that it is extremely important to capture interaction irrespective of network availability. Vymo already supported Offline usage in the existing version and with this release, we added more intelligence & smarts:

  • Sync data efficiently – increasing volume of information it can sync with minimum implication on performance
  • Make Offline experience seamless- View/update information in Offline mode, automatically syncing all data changes made offline

Here are the User Experience changes to support :

  1. When the app is offline, if you add/update/edit any lead the changes will be applied immediately to respective leads and the updated information will be synced once the device is Online
  2. Below are the UI changes for Pending items introduced in phase 3,
    • New layout to show pending items in home screen and any other list screens
    • New pending items list screen with improvised look and feel
    • Pending item status in each pending item (i.e Waiting to sync)
    • Each pending item will be retried if failed to upload to the server
    • Every pending item will be retried for 5 times. Post that the pending item will be marked as rejected
    • The manual upload button is enabled for all users and this will be disabled only if the pending item is rejected and max tries are finished
    • Only the user can delete the rejected pending item
    • The user doesn’t have to wait for next sync to make pending item sync. He can manually retry to sync any pending item
  3. Referral fields will be prefetched and available while Offline. Example, if a Lead is referencing a Customer entity then the Customer entity is now automatically prefetched to work offline.
  4. If any filter is visited online the filtered list will work even in Offline mode. This filtered list will not be synced but the individual leads of the list will be synced.


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