eKYC & biometric verification in Vymo

As Aadhaar takes the central stage for identity verification in India, at Vymo we realize the importance of supporting eKYC verification based on Aadhaar. A number of businesses across industries are now relying on Aadhaar including eKYC for providing financial services.

Aadhaar use cases in Vymo  

Though the use cases vary considerably from client to client, at the core there are some common tasks that we want to solve out of the box with Aadhaar eKYC verification in Vymo:

  • Lead/Customer created through Aadhar card scanning to be validated via via eKYC APIs
  • Support for biometric (fingerprint) verification
  • eKYC verification of customer and leads which are already created through a bulk upload or on the go. Use cases could be varied in nature depending on the business cases for example Microfinance, Private banking etc.

How will Aadhaar biometric auth work in Vymo?

Biometric authentication works on top of the existing Aadhaar Card scanning functionality available in Vymo. The user  experience will be enhanced to support biometric authentication and is represented below.

Note that this is for representation and address the most common use case across customers. For instance, we anticipate & support biometric authentication outside of the “Add” form. So consider this the standard product offering and client specific implementation may vary, but not substantially different.

Scan and Authorize UI flow

Filling the add form with QR code scanning information

Biometric Verification Process


Aadhaar biometric verification functionality is limited to the Vymo Enterprise Edition users only. Note that Aadhaar QR scanning is available in all Vymo editions.




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