Dashboards In App

At Vymo, our continuous effort is to increase the productivity of our Sales reps. Increasing productivity is a multifold process. In simple words, it has two primary components
First, capturing all on-field interaction that reps do and generate intelligence on top of interaction information.

Second, surfacing an aggregate report of those interactions for managers and reps to have a tap on their productivity.

So far we have delivered reports only in the web but for easier accessibility and quicker information dissemination, with this release we are introducing Dashboards. So, based on hierarchy and configured privileges, users can access the reports from within their Vymo mobile app. Also, configuration/layout of the report will be exactly similar to what they have seen in the Vymo web application.

With the inherent limitation of smaller screen( as compared to web) we have a restriction on the number of filters you can use in mobile viewing.

Also these dashboard need the user to be connected to the network, offline access is unavailable.

This functionality is available both in Android and iOS apps.

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