Changes to Download CSV functionality

We have upgraded the Download functionality across all the List views in the Web dashboard. Earlier, the Download feature would query the data tier & immediately return the CSV/XLS file. With this change we are introducing a whole new way for users to request & manage all Downloads.
As usual, the User will click on the Download CSV button in the List view


However, instead of the download being immediate, a job will be scheduled and the user is navigated to the download screen as shown below.


This screen auto-refreshes every 5 seconds to show the latest status of the download. As soon as the download task is completed, user can click the “Download Report” button to receive the .CSV/XLSX file. The Cancel download button will be available only while the task is executing, once the task has finished execution, the Cancel Download button is disabled.


Note that by default the report is available for download only for 1 hour after the task is completed, after 1 hour the file is automatically deleted from the Vymo servers. The only way to get report is by clicking the Re-request download button on the job details page as shown above.

The user can navigate to the Downloads page by using the Others –> Downloads menu item as shown below.


The Downloads page is a list of all download tasks requested by the user and includes the availability status of the report as well as other job details.



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