Changes to date/time handling

Vymo now translates all times into device time zone across mobile app & web. This change impacts all existing Vymo users. Users who use the Vymo app in a time zone different from their configured HQ time zone, will now see their local time zone handled properly. For instance, if your organisation is based in Mumbai but you work out of Singapore, all times in Vymo are now recorded & auto-translated into local (Singapore) time as a result of this change. And users in Mumbai, will get the times translated into their local (India) time
Prior to this change, Vymo did not support multiple time zones, so users were all defaulted to a single time zone – as configured at the organisation level. So, if the organisation were configured for GMT, all users were assumed to be in GMT as well. While this didn’t affect clients, customers with geographically dispersed users would get inconsistent time handling in Vymo.

With this change, each geographically separate business unit in the customer organization can be setup as a separate Vymo Module with local time zone, currency, languages etc. Thus, Modules becomes a boundary of geographic segregation across the organization. In addition, all reporting done within the Module is local so date/time handling are automatically accurate within the Geography.


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