Call Handling for Partners

For Vymo to be an effective sales assistant, all sales calls need to be tagged to leads or partners. Call handling provides the basis for effective & meaningful predictions.

The communication between a sales rep and client is used to suggest contextual actions. This is a core Vymo capability and is foundational to the advanced suggestions coming in future releases.

Vymo auto-detects partner-related calls (incoming, outgoing, missed calls) from the phone dialer & ensures that no customer-representative communication is lost. In cases where the call didn’t go through, Vymo guides the user to set reminders and avoid missed opportunities.

*Call handling is already enabled for the lead module we are extending that to partner module with this release.

Primary use case

Every call is a signal for the app to find next best action for the agent. For example:

  • Incoming/Outgoing calls- User will be asked to fill the review/comments about the Call and which will be followed by two options- first scheduling a new activity and the second one would to view the profile of the detected partner.
  • Missed calls- Prompts you to set a reminder for a call back or call again right away to decide on next step.


Please find the screenshots below explaining the user experience for this functionality.


How Call Handling in help clients/organizations?

  • Improves Agent efficiency by capturing every call interaction that happened.
  • Eliminates administrative activity management tasks which make reps more productive.


How can end-user access this functionality?

  • Vymo app automatically shows the call handling pop up just after the completion of the call.
  • Once the user decides to not to take action on the popup or discards it for later use they can go back to the app to check the pending call section on the hello screen to go through the Call handling experience again.   


How are missed calls handled?

For missed calls app sends a notification/pop-up mentioning next possible actions which are following in “Missed calls” case

  • Call back again
  • Schedule a reminder

How are unanswered calls handled?

For unanswered calls, app sends a notification/pop-up mentioning next possible acti>ons which starts by asking why you called the partner- Comments and then to pick one of the two possible cases

  • Not reacheable
  • Not answering

Followed by

  • Send a text
  • Schedule a reminder
  • Call back

How are repeat calls handled?

In case of repeat calls, Vymo shows the number of times a particular number was dialed or calls received from a particular number.

Does call handling work when the app is offline?

Call handling doesn’t work offline. But in case of call was made from Vymo list of details then Vymo shows call handling popups. Also in case of offline state user will not get an actionable popup(Good/bad) but interactions(number of calls, duration) will be logged in history/engagement of the lead/partner.

Are all calls logged?

No, Vymo only logs call attached to Vymo objects(partners, leads, customer). Vymo scans every incoming/outgoing/missed calls but logs only the ones with the connected Vymo object. Any personal calls made to non-Vymo objects are not logged.

Does Vymo record calls? Will the recordings be shared with my manager/organization?

No, Vymo does not record any calls and nor are call details shared with your manager/organization.

How does this feature work in Android Vs. iOS? Is there any difference in the functioning?

This feature is only available for Android. iOS does not support call tracking & intervention.

Missed Call (Received)

Unanswered Call

Missed Call (Dialed)

Call Log for Outgoing/incoming case

Incoming Call scenario

Call Log for missed call case

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