Optimize your merchant onboarding and drive success with Vymo!

As an ecommerce platform or marketplace, onboarding merchants rapidly and enabling their success is key to business growth. But, this involves complex processes, multiple stakeholders, and excessive information to stay on top of. With Vymo’s mobile-first solution, your salespeople can manage sourcing, onboarding, and success of merchant partners on-the-go!

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Source more merchants and increase geography and category coverage.

Intelligently allocate leads to the most appropriate reps

Source leads from various sources and assign them to the best-fit sales agent based on pre-defined rules and AI recommendations.

Intelligently allocate leads
Tier merchants

Tier merchants based on potential and assign goals

Segment merchants based on their business potential and effectlively plan engagement workflows.

Analysis of pipeline and leakage to improve efficiencies

Identify low-performing merchants and take corrective actions in real time to boost partner productivity

Analysis of pipeline


Onboard merchants seamlessly with the least amount of friction.

Automated workflows

Automated workflows integrated with core systems

Configure intelligent onboarding workflows with Vymo to ensure a seamless merchant onboarding experience

Automated KYC (Know Your Customer) process

Scan KYC documents from the Vymo app and auto-populate important details to fast-track onboarding process.

Automated KYC

Auto-detection and reporting of activities

With Vymo, log calls and meetings automatically and never worry about updating your sales CRMs


Make every merchant successful through planned engagement.

Merchant 360

Merchant 360 and Business Trends

Gain complete visibility of partners’ potential revenue and correlate activities with outcomes.

Auto-calendaring and engagement planning

Get intelligent suggestions for engagement to drive merchant efficiency and automatically populate your calendar.


Auto-detection and reporting of activities

Gain complete visibility of what a sales agent’s day look like. Vymo auto-detect calls, meetings and emails, and measures sales rep productivity.

Net Business Benefits

Increase in revenue

Increase in revenue per merchant

Decrease in turnaround

Decrease in turnaround time to onboard

Increase in productivity

Increase in productivity of sales teams

Vymo improves Sales Force Productivity



Sales reps loved using the app so much, that we have an adoption rate of more than 80%.


With support for multiple languages and time zones every requirement is feasible with Vymo.


We are OWASP compliant, so your data is completely secure and encrypted.
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Go live fast

Go live in under 4 weeks. With faster implementation for large field force, you are ready to conquer sales quicker.


Powered by the Azure cloud platforms. So whatever your business scales to, Vymo will scale to that & beyond.

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