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Nail Lead Management with an Intelligent Sales Assistant

Ensure effective lead management and seamless customer onboarding.
Vymo’s Lead Management System allows you to manage your lead funnel,
from lead generation through acquisition and post-sales service.

Vymo Lead Management Solution improves Productivity at every step


Automated Lead Capture

Capture leads with a quick card scan, enable self-sourced leads by the seller and enrich leads in existing systems.

Comprehensive Lead Tracking

Capture implicit & explicit lead attributes at different lead stages for progressive discovery.

Optimum Lead Distribution

Make dynamic rule based allocation of leads, so that the best equipped reps interact with potential customers.

Intelligent Lead Profiling

Capture different lead attributes at different lead stages for progressive discovery. Tag location for every lead state change. Correlate activities done with the Lead with outcomes to measure impact and efficiency of the engagement channels.

Data-Driven Lead Nurture

Prompt field agents to take action basis historical trends, identify & recommend next best actions.

Engage Convertible Leads using a Mobile Sales Assistant


360° Visibility

Gain visibility into agent activities and location. Stop measuring only end-outcomes by spotting activities & activity trends that deliver impact and replicate across the team to improve sales capacity.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate Vymo data into existing CRM systems for improved visibility, better forecasting and generate better predictions. Improve ROI from existing CRM investment.

Location tracking

Light-weight, battery-friendly location tracking enables geo coverage analysis, detection of nearby opportunities, maximizing agent productivity every day.

Accurate Targeting

Deliver insights to agents on which opportunities to prioritize, basis historical trends and agent target attainment!

Unlimited Scalability

Scale to thousands of agents and millions of leads with a single lead management system.

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