Increase Field Sales productivity of your
Direct & Agency channels

Is your Insurance Field Force doing the best it can?

Vymo is aiming at eradicating the field sales limitations which prevent the Insurance companies to achieve their full potential. Vymo has been delivering intelligent field sales solutions which help Insurance companies tackle challenges of visibility, collaboration, work allocation and communication which comes with a large field force.

Cracking the code on Sales Productivity hacks for your Direct & Agency channels

Vymo focus on the bottlenecks of Insurance Field Sales Productivity by developing objective sales solutions. For seamless operations as well as optimum returns, Insurance field sales solutions have to be scalable and agile. This is to ensure that a diverse field force of Direct & Agency Sales Reps can deliver a homogeneous experience for equally diverse insurance offerings.

Direct Sales

Vymo employs a smart Lead Management module that automatically allots leads to sales representatives based on pre-defined rules.


These rules take into account various aspects e.g. Geo Location, the target product, propensity to convert, current load etc. Once allotted, the solution allows for easy tracking of the lead through the workflow, all the while making it easier for the Rep to collate all relevant information from the customer within the app.

direct sales


A complete partner CRM in its own capacity, Vymo allows for effective Partner Acquisition and seamless Engagement Management.


Vymo allows sales managers to keep track of their partner network and plan individual or group activities with them.


Real-time and detailed view into their KPIs, in tandem with Geo-analytics on time spend, provides insight in the overall impact of each of the partners allowing for effective prioritization and improved productivity.


Agency Partners

Vymo provides a mobile platform for seamless recruitment of agents and step-by-step tracking of their progress of onboarding.


Ready-to use analysis on the recruitment workflow and productivity of the agents provides organizations with insight on the right profile of agents to be engaged with.


Vymo recommends managers with specific activities for agents based on their performance or gaps thereof with respect to the business goals.

agency partners

Vymo improves Sales Force Productivity


Go live fast

Most of the Vymo clients have gone live in under 4 weeks. With faster implementation for large field force, you are ready to conquer sales quicker.


Vymo is a highly scalable solution powered by the Azure cloud platforms so whatever your business scales to, Vymo will scale to that & beyond.


We are OWASP compliant, so you don’t have to worry about security, that’s how top enterprises rely on Vymo for their field force transformation.


We crafted Vymo with love such that Sales reps love using the app. Thus achieving an adoption rate of more than 80%.


With support for multiple languages, time zones and countries, your requirement is feasible with Vymo.

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