Why is Salesforce the #1 CRM?


Why is Salesforce the #1 CRM?

Vymo for Salesforce

When Salesforce was founded, 

  • the most popular search Engine was Altavista (pre- Google)
  • 52-year-old Bill Clinton was President of the US, and
  • The Billboard #1 song for that year (1999) was Believe by Cher

Here is Marc Benioff rocking the 90s blue denim –Marc Benioff rocking the 90s blue denim

It’s amazing that Salesforce (Nasdaq: CRM) has remained relevant for nearly two decades, now. Having pioneered Cloud and SAAS, Salesforce is now the clear market leader in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) space, which is incidentally, the Largest and Fastest Growing Software Market (Gartner).

What explains Salesforce CRM’s popularity? Because given the market viability there are countless other solutions on the market.

Here is a list of advantages to using Salesforce CRM:

  1.  Improved Organizational information

Salesforce forms a central repository that contains data and information across diverse teams such as Sales, Accounts, and Operations. With this, teams can better coordinate their efforts and work together on one application throughout the deal stage and service lifecycle. Also, most leading applications integrate with the Salesforce platform.

2.  Know your customers. Like, really

Salesforce CRM helps you maintain all necessary information about your prospects and customers on the Cloud, so it is accessible from anywhere/anytime. In a World, where data is paramount, customer expectations have risen manifold, and markets are as competitive, Salesforce CRM helps you stay on top of all the information you need to win in the market.

Salesforce No. 1 CRM

3.  Enhanced Communication across teams

One of Salesforce CRM’s key features, Chatter, was a breakthrough in how teams communicate and collaborate. Chatter eliminates the need for constant emails, back and forth, and instead helps teams find and update the information they need at the source – Accounts, Opportunities, or Contacts thus improving productivity tremendously.

  1.   Reduce turnaround times for Customer issues

Should your clients encounter an issue, they will be irate unless the issue is dealt with rapidly. With Salesforce, when a client contacts your organization, your agents will have the capacity to recover all necessary details of the client previous purchases, preferences, and whatever else that may help them in finding an answer. What’s more, should an answer not available, it is easy to communicate with team members as well as members from other departments who can help resolve the issue in the quickest time.

  1.   A single-point storage for data and information

With Salesforce cloud storage, one of the main advantages is that you can avoid emailing files to individuals. Instead, simply share the link from the internal chat option. Moreover, it is secure, cost-effective and reliable.

  1.  Increase productivity through automation

Alongside closing a deal,  there are numerous other tasks that need to be completed in order to keep the workflows updated. Updating trackers, filling out forms, sending out reports—these supplementary tasks are a tedious, yet indispensable part of the business procedure. The best CRM frameworks are intended to take the weight of a considerable lot of these assignments from off the shoulders of your representatives, on account of the enchantment of automation. This implies your agents will have the capacity to concentrate a greater amount of their endeavors towards closing leads and settling client issues, while the automated CRM framework deals with backend activities.

  1.  One-stop tracker for emails, calendar, and phone calls

One of the chief advantages of tracking sales automatically is the transparency and the ability of a sales manager to quickly and accurately see where every potential client is along the sales cycle. Tracking sales activity also makes it easy for the sales rep and the account executive to see when a customer or account has last been contacted. It takes the guesswork out of keeping in touch with important accounts and sales leads.

  1.  Improved Analytical Data and Reporting

Misguided information ought not to be the reason you should fail. Effectively incorporated with various instruments or modules, you can create programmed reports to amplify your chance of success with Salesforce. Customize your dashboard perspectives to rapidly find data required, for example, client data, deal objectives, and execution reports to achieve undiscovered openings. With clean data, you can settle on clever and compelling choices to receive the benefits in client faithfulness and long-run productivity.

  1.  Access to an extensive ecosystem

Because of their modularity, application integrations have exploded. People mostly lookup whether “there is an application for that.” The apt response – with Salesforce’s AppExchange, there most likely is. Simple to get, download, and integrate – App Exchange gives clients considerably more assets, alternatives, and extended usefulness.

  1. Last, but not the least, measure your success in customer interaction.

Measuring how your customer service department is performing is the first step towards providing a better service. CRM solutions are meant to be a powerful tool for the company which highlights critical components of customer interaction. Intelligent report generation, coupled with the ease of operations within Salesforce, will go a long way towards improving customer satisfaction scores.

Vymo for Salesforce

Now make the world’s #1 CRM work for you, not the other way round. Salesforce is a great tool to understand your customers. But, it doesn’t really tell you much about your Salespeople. Because, reporting data into salesforce is tedious.Now, you can experience the full capabilities of Salesforce super-charged with Vymo’s Automation and AI that enables seamless data capture and contextual recommendations. Enjoy the comprehensiveness of Salesforce combined with the mobility of Vymo

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