Why do you really need Sales Automation?

Sales Automation

Why do you really need Sales Automation?

Sales Automation

Sales Automation can help make inferences based on hidden patterns and intricate relationships to get a conclusive competitive benefit. It can help to bridge that gap. Field force automation bestows numerous benefits which could assist you in optimizing various small business processes and so, enables to boost your revenues and grow your company.

Frequently, sales reps will finish a call and stop to carry out related administrative work. Regardless of what sales reps sell, everybody is using a calendar and updating customer info. They face complex tasks on their own and, due to the global nature of modern business environments, often need to deal with overflow and their colleagues’ work as well. Most sales rep on an average spends over 50 days annually in different activities aside from core selling.

automation helps to increase sales productivity

As a result, ‘Inside sales’, around the sale of a solution or service by sales professionals that are reaching customers via phone or on the internet, as opposed to traveling out to meet them face-to-face, is taking over field sales as the big contributor of revenue in many industries. We are seeing this in digital banking, for instance where the number of branch visits has decreased rapidly and the concept of a mobile bank is gaining prominence.

But, not all businesses can function via Inside Sales. Even within businesses, there are certain products and services that haven’t evolved (and perhaps cannot evolve) to be a one-touch, frictionless buy/sell experience yet and require human relationships to facilitate the same. This is where sales automation tools are integral to the growth of a sales and efficiency of a sales team. Side note – organizations who use Vymo increase sales productivity metrics such as revenue per sales rep, turnaround time, and cross-sell conversion percentages.

Technology has massively improved the sales and customer care functions. In a similar approach to how marketing technologies started to rapidly improve about a decade past, there’s an evolution of sales technology happening now. Employing new and improved technology will help to decrease your stress levels and boost your productivity. Hence, sales automation is well worth the investment.

Sales productivity has a significant effect on revenue and is the best key element for success in any kind of business. Increasing sales productivity is among the strongest levers a business can pull to enhance the total wellness of the company, and among the finest forward-looking metrics for growth and financial performance. There are good behaviors that one can nudge that can guarantee your company reaches their targets and will have visible outcomes. The principle is that sales aren’t broken, but it could always be better! They are fundamental to every business and organization.

To recap,

  • Customer expectations are changing and businesses have to keep up
  • Sales today has to meet those expectations or risk losing to competition
  • When it comes to sales, behaviors drive outcomes which lead to goals
  • Good behaviors can be nudged through sales automation technology
  • Hence, sales automation directly impacts sales productivity and revenue


Want to know more? Talk to a Sales Automation consultant at Vymo and understand how you can dramatically improve sales for your team and organisation.

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