Vymo Hackathon v1.0

Road to the Future: Vymo Hackathon v1.0

Vymo Hackathon v1.0

The seeds of the hackathon were sown back in January when the entire leadership team gathered and Sujay suggested it would be wonderful to provide a platform for the team to build the next version of Vymo.

With the plethora of ongoing deliverables and sprint tasks, we were finding it hard to work on this vision. But Chandu stepped up to the occasion and kicked off the process. Thinking of the timing, we realized it had to happen in the starting of the third quarter to raise the participation numbers and keep the zeal up.

Teams at workAnubhav, Chandu and I synced up to get the Why? How? What?

Finally, we decided upon the following that we’ll crowdsource seed ideas for participants to build upon. The number of people per team would be 3-5 to ensure the right distribution and we would take care of the logistics to ensure the energy remained vested in the hackathon instead of worrying about non-essentials. Prizes were to be kept lucrative to burn the midnight oil. To ensure that the participants were to take home the memory of the event, goodies like T-shirt, stickers, and backpack were planned for everyone. We also laid out the winning criteria clearly around the values, Complexity of Solution(ROI, Cost, and Maintenance) and Demo completeness. We also had listed the failure criterion and were wary of them whenever we were working on it. Once we had the base setup we took this to our leadership which enthusiastically gave us a sign off to take this forward.

Chandu owned up the complete logistics side of things figuring out multiple vendors, the best quality at the optimal cost, while Anubhav took charge of the food vendors to keep the fYamini also took part in the hackathonuel tank full for all the participants. I looked after the communication front. Gauri, as enthusiastic as she is, readily dedicated her weekends to give us the hackathon logo and other designs required for our goodies and posters. As the due date was approaching we tried pumping up the energy level. We could see the energy level soaring when even Yamini our CEO preferred hacking with her team over being part of the jury.

On the scheduled date of 12th July, we could sense the zeal of our fellow colleagues as we laid out the ground rules and then the show began. Each of the team was busy either finalizing their ideas or grooming them or jotting down the details. Teams were a good mix of product, marketing, and engineering. By the first afternoon, people had finalized on what they would be their pitch for demo and there started the development as if there isn’t a tomorrow. Mad angles locked their horns with Power puff (with Mojo & Jojo) over who’s going to make the best manager centric app. The ideas being worked upon ranged from a self-help tour to the client before reaching out the support desk to Voice assistance for the Vymo-app.

Demo Day

Of the three of us, Anubhav was the last one to leave around 3:00 A.M. while we still had 20+ of our friends glued to their screen bringing their thoughts to reality. And with the wink of the eye, we were at 8:00 a.m next morning and multiple folks were still up there working on the problem statements defined by them. It wasn’t until the demo time that people realized what time is it. Requesting them to get up and grab a bite was becoming a challenge for us.

The clock struck 5:00 p.m

on 13th and our honorable jury panel was eagerly awaiting what is in store for them.  One after another demo left them baffled on their fellow Vyomians thought process and energy. Each of the demos was complete and the presenter was proud and confident of their illustration. Making it harder and harder for the panel to pick the top three to be awarded as part of it.

Eventually, a clear winner had to be picked who excelled in all the criteria listed. The following were the ideas which won every jury panel heart and mind and thereby won the hackathon:

First positions VymoPA: Noorul Hussain, Sahil Pandya, Kiran Kumar Badam and SohrabThe Organizing Team

Second position Powerpuff: Sujay Koduri, Anshal Shukla, Siddhant Shetty,  Shivam Roy, Manoj and Bharat Reddy

Third position PainKillers: Prashanth Merwyn Noronha, Balchander V R, and Rohit

Jury panel: Venkat Malladi, Harish Vaidyanathan, and Anurag Srivastava

Finally, Hackathon 2018 was a success. It was enthusiasm by each and every one of the participants which brought the spirits up and adrenaline rushing through! It was fun to be part of such an enthralling event! Right from folks grilling upon the formulation of ideas to stretching through the night to get through the execution of it.


Signing off,

Kanishka Khaitan


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What about PAPA – the people’s choice? 🙂

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