Do you really need a sales automation tool?

Salesforce automation

Do you really need a sales automation tool?

Salesforce automation

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Among the biggest complaints from sales individuals, is that they aren’t given sufficient amount of time to do what they do best – sell. After spending time on sourcing prospects followed by perpetual nurturing of leads, several salespeople feel drained and unhappy. They were hired to sell and that is what they would like to do. Imagine you could access applications that enabled your salespeople to spend extra time promoting and less some time on the boring administrative side of things. How simple would life become?

Can your company benefit from the increased gains you could realize through automation?

Customer relationship management may be set to generate a degree of sales force automation to permit your sales individuals the liberty and the extra time to go out where they enjoy being the best in what they do. Additionally, you may set your Client relationship management applications to permit your sales individuals to see which leads are qualified and are prepared to buy at the moment and which leads are still only shopping and may need a little more persuasion. You may also include several other factors which are designed to give your sales staff the best possible probability of increasing sales.Increase sales for sustainibity

This implies adding value-added products or cross-promoting opportunities which are directly based on what clients are likely to be receptive to. Successful use of sales force automation and client relationship management applications can permit your sales staff to spend extra time with prospective buyers, which indicates winning more bargains. All this adds in paving a way for generating new avenues of profit-making for your company. While earnings generated through sales force automation sounds great from the earning person’s viewpoint, the advantages are increased enormously for management as well. CRM applications can permit management to create reports instantly that show accurate pipeline figures flowing to the company.

You may also forecast cash flows and sales figures with a higher level of accuracy based on the information accumulated. It is also possible to pinpoint your staff’s current degree of productivity so that you can more accurately monitor and track the performance of your teams at all times. This kind of info can permit managers to route leads correctly and assist all of your sales individuals to learn to convert prospects the same manner as your top performers.Imagine a Predictive AI

Now imagine a system which learns the behavior of the reps – their capacity, strengths, weaknesses, their schedules and multiple other parameters which the human brain is not capable of processing. This system will crunch millions of rows of data and give the best possible suggestions by predicting multiple outcomes. If acted on properly, many of these upshots favor the deal to close at a faster rate.

The next part of this system could be learning from one rep and coaching the others – for example, coaching is provided to your bottom-quartile sales performers by analyzing the behavior of a particular rep who is your star performer. He closes more deals than the rest of the team. The system will be able to decode his way of thinking, what he is doing right and what is working for him and then give suggestions to the rest of the team to improve its performance. Oh, the dream of having a sales where everyone falls in the top quartile is still persistent! But, not too far away.

Vymo has been taking steps in achieving this dream with artificial intelligence. Our systems utilize the data that the CRMs hold – user behavior, calendars, activities that are detected and so on to give suggestions that help the sales rep do what the do the best – sell!

You can click here to know more about how Vymo is taking the advantage of predictive learning to help sales forces achieve best time management practices to boost their productivity.

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