Cheat Sheet to Double Your Sales

double your sales

Cheat Sheet to Double Your Sales

double your sales

The main aim of a business is to make sales which further translates to more profits. Maximizing sales can be difficult at times and this is why most businesses are not able to make more sales. While it is difficult, there are some tested and proven sales actions plans that if taken into consideration would ensure that you make maximum sales.

These tested and proven steps must be followed one after the other to ensure that you make massive sales. Here are some of the basic effective sales plans;

Action Plan #1: Identify about 10 of your regular customers;

It is believed that most of the customers that patronize your business are from the 20% of your total customer base. With this in mind, you can make a list of about 10 of your most regular customers. Once you are able to identify these regular customers, ensure that you are able to provide better service to them. While you seek to provide better service to these ten regular customers, you are also indirectly providing better service to others who would visit your business once in a while.

Action Plan #2: Have a focus

While you have identified these ten customers and providing them with better service, you must ensure that you remain focused. One major problem most businesses have is that they tend to spread their net way beyond your reach. This is a problem because you lose focus and end up losing your customers. What you should do;

  • You have to focus on places or areas where there is a greater business opportunity.
  • Focus on certain micro-niches that have been overlooked by many.
  • Look for certain areas and sectors where you could confidently outdo your competitors.

Action Plan #3: List your weaknesses and strengths

This is one of the most effective sales plans you can make. You have to list your weaknesses and strengths to see where you can improve. If you are confused about your weaknesses, you could ask for honest feedback from your customers or clients. Their honest opinion will open your eyes to what you have been doing wrong all the time and it would help you improve to offer better service. For your strengths, you can also ask for feedback from customers or critically evaluate yourself. Once you are able to identify your strengths, you could also look for avenues where you can slightly improve to offer better service.

Action Plan #4: Create an attack plan

Once you have identified your strengths and weaknesses after you must have received honest feedback from your clients and customers, you have to create a plan of attack. This sales action plan is important because it gives you a direction. Creating an attack plan would mean that you are able to have a guideline to follow. You could have short-term and long-term plans. You could make plans to improve in a particular aspect in a week. While creating a plan is important, it would not be possible if you do not follow it.

Action Plan #5: Publicize your business

Publicity is one of the moving sales plans in the world right now. Publicity entails placing relevant adverts. Depending on the nature of your business, you could carry out an offline or online publicity. To carry out a successful publicity, you should be able to identify your target audience. Just like action plan 2 states, you need to have a focus and ensure that your advert shows that you have your target audience in mind.

There are various avenues and mediums you could use to easily publicize your business. For online adverts, you could launch social media campaigns on Facebook and even make use of a Facebook business page and other related pages that are in your need. For offline publicity, you could distribute customized t-shirts, caps etc as well as make business cards.

Action Plan #6: Network

Maximizing sales does not necessarily mean that you provide better services, networking is also important. Without a good network both online and offline, it would be difficult to reach a larger audience. There are various business platforms where you can network like LinkedIn and a long list of others. You could also network with your specially customized business cards and t-shirts as well.


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