4 Ways to make Salesforce Adoption Effortless

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4 Ways to make Salesforce Adoption Effortless

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Salesforce.com can drastically improve business practices and ROI, but only if it’s used. Despite the countless capabilities of the platform, many companies have an extremely difficult time implementing widespread Salesforce adoption. What causes this though? We’ve tried to investigate the phenomenon of poor adoption and list some possible solutions to help you get the most out of your Salesforce investment.  

What causes poor Salesforce adoption?

Poor adoption of Salesforce essentially boils down to a misalignment of goals in an organization. Sales reps simply want to make calls and sell because their pay depends on how efficiently they do so. Any administrative tasks (such as inputting information into Salesforce) is often seen as a waste of their time.   On the other hand, management desperately needs to capture the data going into the CRM so they can make informed business decisions. But convincing sales reps to spend their precious time logging information into a database isn’t always easy to do. The million dollar question now becomes, “How do you remedy these two radically different business goals?”  

How do you remedy poor adoption?

Adoption of any technology is typically a function of ease-of-use and value. A technology that’s easy to use but doesn’t have much value isn’t worth adopting because it’s a waste of time. A technology that’s valuable but hard to use may be worth adopting if its value exceeds the time it takes to make it work.  Some people will categorize Salesforce in the second category, being extremely valuable but a bit difficult to adopt. In this ease-of-use and value example, most sales reps only care about the ease of use and leave the value of information up to management. So the secret to improving Salesforce adoption amongst sales reps lies in making the CRM seemingly effortless.

4 Ways to Improve Salesforce Adoption:

Communicate and Train Employees Effectively

In order for Salesforce adoption to go smoothly, the benefits of using the platform must be communicated efficiently to the entire team. It’s easy for Salesforce admins to get passionate about the advantages of widespread CRM adoption, but your passion may not always translate over to sales reps. That’s why it’s critical to…  

Have a Salesforce Champion in Your Office

A Salesforce Champion can be the Salesforce admin, a C-level executive, or really any manager in the office. If management buys wholeheartedly into the adoption of Salesforce, others will follow the example. When employees see their boss using Chatter or referencing reports in SFDC, they will see the importance of using this new platform firsthand.   In addition to management adopting Salesforce, also look for sales reps who are enthusiastic about the new system. Those positive individuals who adopt the new technology early on can have a substantial influence on adoption, especially if reporting a lot of great success using it.

Introduce Gamification

Once you have communicated the importance of Salesforce, trained employees effectively, and have your Salesforce champion(s), it’s time to introduce Gamification. Gamification aims to keep users engaged throughout the roll-out of a Salesforce CRM solution. Measuring and rewarding those reps who not only adopt the application but excel in adoption is imperative to the success of Salesforce implementation. Gamification feeds off the natural competition that exists among employees who want to succeed. When competitive juices begin to flow, the benefits of Salesforce’s CRM becomes evident. Users no longer need to be told why to adopt Salesforce. They can now see the results.  

Tie Compensation to Usage

It isn’t just enough to introduce some friendly competition into the workplace, sometimes employees need some skin in the game. You might be amazed at how quickly people will embrace something when their payment depends on putting opportunities and customer information into Salesforce. Adopt the mantra, “If it’s not in Salesforce CRM, then it doesn’t exist.” It’s an easy way to ensure user behavior aligns with the business objectives.  

Now What?

Now make the world’s #1 CRM work for you, not the other way round. Salesforce is a great tool to understand your customers. But, it doesn’t really tell you much about your Salespeople. Because reporting data into Salesforce is tedious. Now, you can experience the full capabilities of Salesforce super-charged with Vymo’s Automation and AI that enables seamless data capture and contextual recommendations. Enjoy the comprehensiveness of Salesforce combined with the mobility of Vymo.

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