10 Ways to Completely Sabotage Your Sales Productivity

10 ways to sabotage your sales productivity

10 Ways to Completely Sabotage Your Sales Productivity

10 ways to sabotage your sales productivity

Sales is a very competitive field and professionals need a proper work ethic to be successful in this domain. Often some professionals discover that their habits are affecting and harming sales productivity. The following is a list of bad habits every salesman should eliminate –

1. Having an untidy workspace

Having a disorganized workspace causes distractions which make you lose on your work productivity. It disrupts the regular flow of work and also creates a bad impression on your clients. A clean and organized workspace not only helps you remain focused on the tasks at hand but also clears your thoughts and helps you perform better.

2. Eating while working

It is difficult to get breaks especially during a sales streak and while dealing with a lot of customers. However, eating at the desk is not the best thing to do. It can make it very difficult to clear your mind and rejuvenate. It’s always better to take time away from your desk and have lunch. It freshens up your mind and helps to get a productive afternoon.

3. Not getting enough exercise

According to Harvard Men’s Health Watch, the best way to deal with forgetfulness and Brain Fog is Physical Fitness. Exercising not only improves physical health and also helps you have a healthy mind by reducing anxiety and stress. Having a healthy mind is important to get high productivity in sales.

4. Lack of sleep

Sleep is a very important physiological aspect of an individual’s life. Not sleeping enough causes professional to lose their productivity on severing levels. It disrupts one’s ability to learn, understand and remember information. It also affects a professional’s judgment and mood making it difficult to deal with clients. Getting enough sleep is very important for growing sales productivity.

5. Not being up-to-date

The process of learning does not stop once you graduate from college. Business is dynamic and always susceptible to changes. Being alert about the scenario is important to become a successful sales representative. With an abundance of digital and social media information available, being up to date is important for sales productivity.

6. Conflicts at workplace

According to Renee Cocchi, Author, and researcher, employees lost about 3-4 hours of work per week by getting involved in conflicts within the workplace. Sales Representative who stay focused on their own work, have better performance and improved sales productivity that those who don’t. It is an important aspect to improve sales.

7. Procrastinating on your work

Procrastinating on tasks that need to be completed causes sales representative to develop bad habits which affect their productivity negatively. It causes you to waste time and lose focus and also lose interest in your job. Delaying the work only makes it more difficult thus decreasing your level of performance. A lot of pent-up work makes it a difficult task to accomplish all the tasks at once, thus causing harm to sales productivity.

8. Not engaging in enough live conversations

Though social media and email are great for researching, networking and finding prospects, Live Conversations a very important to close off deals in sales. Taking to a prospect face to face gives the seller a better chance of selling a product to the prospect. It also helps to find new prospects, thus closing more deals and earning more revenue. In today’s market, getting and finding quality leads and correct information from the social media requires it to work for the sales representative and not being a break from work for the seller. The CRM system should be properly updated with valid information and properly connected to the sales team so that it leads the sales representatives to the appropriate prospects that lead to sales. The best information is required by the sales representative to connect them to their contracts with respective prospects. After that engaging in conversation with the prospects seals the deal.

9. Not spending enough time outside of work

It has been seen that spending time outdoor lowers stress levels and also decreases the cause of both psychological and physiological health problems. Thus always staying indoors may affect your performance in a negative way thus causing sales productivity to go down.

10. Always being intoxicated after work

Alcohol can and does cause a lot of harm to sales productivity. Sales professionals who intake a lot of alcoholic drinks after work cause disruption in their sleep cycle, psychological problems, and fatigue. This reduces their performance making it harder for them to concentrate on their work, causing their productivity to gradually decrease.


How do you overcome your challenges to improve productivity? Let us know in the comment section below.

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