10 Hidden Salesforce Features You Wish You Knew

10 Hidden Salesforce Features

10 Hidden Salesforce Features You Wish You Knew

10 hidden salesforce features

Salesforce is one of the most powerful CRM clients and has a great number of standard features that a normal manager likely won’t get the chance to use in their profession.

What were you missing out by not knowing the hidden features of Salesforce? For instance, you won’t need to go making a custom bit of development, only to find that the feature is the same as of what exists within Salesforce.

Regardless whether you use Salesforce as a B2B CRM client, or a B2C CRM tool, it is necessary to think about the more uncertain, less-utilized highlights on the off chance that you are considering for any of the Salesforce certifications. That is on the grounds that Salesforce will wish that you to know the most ideal approach to take care of an issue with standard attributes, regardless of whether it can be refined with Apex code or a workflow.

These highlights might be second nature to administrators or experts who have utilized them previously, however, the 10 Salesforce hidden characteristics recorded below are the ones you will end up utilizing the most.

#1 Big Deal Alerts

Big Deal Alerts enable you to rapidly set an open door sum that triggers an email to be sent to choose individuals from your organization, with a depiction of the open door format page included.

You can set the email to be sent to numerous email addresses, and in addition, different copies (Cc) and blind copies (Bcc) and so on.

#2 Auto-response Rules

Pre-programmed message standards can be utilized to consequently send messages to leads or cases in light of specific criteria. These can be utilized to tell clients you have gotten their solicitations and are managing it. Various guidelines can be set up with various formats and messages to customize emails that are sent to clients. This is one of the most powerful features of any CRM client.

#3 Divisions

Divisions can be utilized to segregate your association’s data into logical modules. These modules can be utilized while seeking, making reports and utilizing list views. This can be useful for associations with a lot of data and entangled announcing strategies. Divisions must be empowered by Salesforce.

#4 Territories

Territory administration is a record-sharing system that allows access to accounts on the basis of the qualities of the records. It empowers you to structure a sharing system that suits your business regions. Domains are structures like Role Hierarchies, however, don’t need to take after a similar design. Regions can be topographical or item based to suit your business group best. Regions must be empowered by Salesforce.

#5 Person Accounts

Traditionally, Salesforce is outlined as a B2B model, implying that you have accounts with numerous contacts identified with this one account, and openings and cases are identified with accounts. Person accounts enable you to open up the likelihood to utilize a B2C demonstrate. This implies you have individual records and additionally business accounts. Individual records are included inside Salesforce as another record composes on records, and they should be empowered by Salesforce. 

#6 Sales and account teams

In the event that you have a private sharing model, yet frequently require various individuals from various offices to work together on accounts or circumstances, at that point sales and account teams could be for you. Teams enable you to indicate individuals from your association that you wish to work together on records with, and you can likewise determine what level of access every part has to that record (read or read/compose).

#7 Salesforce to Salesforce

Salesforce to Salesforce empowers you to impart your CRM information to different organizations utilizing Salesforce. This is local to the Salesforce platform and does not require custom development. This can be set up such that you just offer the information you need to share. An illustration would be two organizations who are accomplices and both utilize Salesforce.

#8 Content delivery

Content delivery enables you to convey records to Salesforce contacts by giving a custom connection. Content conveyances can either be seen in this page connect or downloaded and give numerous choices, including securing the alternative to download this report, watchword ensuring and furthermore telling when this conveyance is seen.

#9 Multiple currencies and advanced currency management

Numerous currencies and advanced currency management are two distinct features yet are frequently utilized together for powerful currency management. Various monetary forms justify itself with real evidence; it enables you to relegate clients distinctive default monetary forms and furthermore change records to be a sure cash. Propelled money administration enables you to oversee dated change rates for monetary standards. This implies if an option is closed “Won” in January, the currency conversion will be settled for the given time frame, furthermore, won’t change later on.

#10 Outbound messages

You may have seen the expression “outbound messages” when characterizing a Salesforce workflow. Outbound messages are a possibility for when a workflow is activated, and they enable you to contact an outer server outside of Salesforce to play out a specific capacity.



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