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Vymo delivers robust field force solutions that streamline banking field operations while providing greater, transparency and enabling real time operations. With Vymo, your field force is equipped with a mobile solution designed to add flexibility, intelligence and deliver greater agility in their on- field tasks.

Ring in higher sales productivity with Vymo

Banking Sales Force constitutes thousands of field executives trying to deliver impeccable customer experience. To ensure that every sales force unit delivers utmost customer satisfaction with prompt operations, we have come up with customized solutions which caters to banking specific sales force operations.

Customer acquisition

Deliver on the “open a bank account at your doorstep in 4 hours” promise in every single customer interaction. Vymo helps the sales force to tap into each customer acquisition opportunity by removing access and TAT related constraints.


  • Substantially accelerate customer acquisition cycle across Current accounts, Saving accounts & Retail Asset products.
  • Aggregate and prioritize customer opportunities basis proximity, urgency, business potential.
  • Assign leads to field agents basis their skillset, real-time location, backlog & availability.
Customer aquisition


Optimize collections with an intelligent system triggered actions for pre-due date and post due date scenarios. It also helps in maintaining consistent follow-ups with the customers for the upcoming collections.


  • Segregate pre-due-date and post due-date collection activity for better collection results.
  • Proactively communicate with customers before due-date to negate any possibility of miscommunication.
  • Allocate collection activities to closest agent for faster collections and automatically track calls & visits to the customer.

Lead management

Whether you are sourcing leads centrally or through your field teams, leads are expensive. A lot time is spent in designing ways to allocate these leads, in following up with reps to understand if the right amount of effort was made to pursue every lead.

Vymo helps you

  • Aggregate all leads and prioritize them based on potential and urgency
  • Intelligently allocate leads to optimize for maximum chance of conversion
  • Automatically detect actions for any lead (e.g. calls, meet ings) without the need to report
  • Alert reps and managers when a lead is at risk
  • Improve self sourcing by nudging the rep when his funnel is weak and guiding him on identifying high quality profiles
  • Ability to introduce new low-cost lead sources while ensuring high degree of conversions e.g. via ATM networks
vymo banking

FOS is also one of the most expensive channels. Lack of visibility in key benefits on-ground activity, variation in skill sets, high levels of attritions, depen- dency on multiple levels of hierarchy complicate this channel,  this makes it a very low RoI channel. High cost leads from various sources also get push down to this channel; linking your marketing RoI very strongly to FOS effectiveness. Picture a leaky bucket; then picture multiple leaky buckets stacked below each other, as deep as your sales team’s hierarchy. So when you have 1000s of FOS, how do you ensure every rep is following best practices? Is every lead is being pursued aggressively? Is everyday spent focusing on the most impactful customer discussions? Vymo is an intelligent personal assistant for every person on your sales team. It can predict what a rep should be doing next, detect whether this has happened and learn from business impact to keep improving its recommendations. All of this in a single mobile application.

Customer onboarding

Customer application filling, document collection, account creation and onboarding can become a seamless flow within the same app via some smart real-time integrations

  • Rule based validations within forms to ensure low data capture errors
  • Biometrics capture and integration with KYC APIs
  • Other KYC integrations with regulator approved agencies
  • Credit Bureau verification via real-time APIs while still on-field
  • ‘Click and upload’ option for documents; available instantly for the scrutiny teams
  • Auto-filling of application forms and ‘click to print’ option at for the customer’s location
  • Deep integrations with select core banking systems to trigger account opening
  • Real time SMS / email notifications to customers to keep them posted
vymo onboarding

Servicing (e.g. Collections, KYC / Address Verification, Document Collection)

3 things matter : Proof of attempt, proof of persistence and rep productivity. Here is how Vymo helps

  • Real-time allocation of  a task to the ‘available’ rep ‘closest’ to customer location
  • Automatic detection of call attempts to customer
  • Automatic detection of visit to a customer’s location
  • Velocity tracking i.e. from fresh > called > met > closed to identify choke points
vymo servicing

Relationship management and cross-selling (Private Banking, Wealth Management, SMB, Worksites)

Vymo ensures the right frequency of engagement with important customers/accounts. And that right cross-sell pitches are made in a timely manner. Here is how it works

  • Opportunity scoring forms to map account / customer potential
  • Custom modules to enable needs analysis
  • Setting ‘rules of engagement’ i.e. when should a rep be alerted to schedule a meeting
  • CRM integrations to pull ‘top 3’ cross-sell opportunities by customer
  • Installed base analytics to show ‘propensity to buy’
  • Tracking cross-sell opportunities through life-cycle as ‘leads’
vymo relationship management

Vymo improves Sales Force Productivity


Go live fast

Most of the Vymo clients have gone live in under 4 weeks. With faster implementation for large field force, you are ready to conquer sales quicker.


Vymo is a highly scalable solution powered by the Azure cloud platforms so whatever your business scales to, Vymo will scale to that & beyond.


We are OWASP compliant, so you don’t have to worry about security, that’s how top enterprises rely on Vymo for their field force transformation.


We crafted Vymo with love such that Sales reps loved using the app. Thus achieving an adoption rate of more than 80%.


With support for multiple languages, time zones and countries, every requirement is feasible with Vymo.

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